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Antoine Bocquet

Managing Director, Institutional Sales
Springer Nature Japan

Bio: Antoine (Tony) Bocquet is Vice President Institutional Sales, Japan, Southeast Asia and Oceania for Springer Nature, based in Tokyo, and has over 20 years experience in the academic publishing industry in the Asia-Pacific. He is also the Managing Director of the Springer Nature companies in Japan. Tony joined Nature Publishing Group, now part of Springer Nature, in 2001 as Asia-Pacific Publisher, became Associate Director in 2005 and Director, Asia-Pacific in December 2011. He assumed the position of Vice President Institutional Sales in September 2015 after the creation of Springer Nature. He has been Managing Director of Nature Japan K.K. since December 2012, of Springer Japan K.K. since October 2015 and of Macmillan Language House since April 2018. He is responsible for all Institutional sales in the regions of Japan,South East Asia and Oceania, as well as having responsibility for oversight of Springer Nature's businesses in Japan. In 2019, Tony was awarded "Sales Vice President of the Year" of Springer Nature in recognition of outstanding performance and valuable contribution during 2018. Prior to joining NPG, Tony was Managing Editor for Wiley in Tokyo between 1998-2001 and Commissioning Editor for Gordon & Breach between 1996-1998. An Australian by birth, Tony holds a Ph.D. from the University of Tokyo (Physics) and is a graduate of Griffith University in Brisbane. He has lived permanently in Japan since 1994.

Jake Burrell

Rude Health Consulting

Type of Company:
Communications Agency
Professional Degrees: BA/BS, PhD
CMPP Certified: 3/2015

Bio: Jake Burrell, PhD, ISMPP CMPP, was awarded his PhD in oncology from the Institute of Cancer Research in London. He began his career in medical communications in London, where he worked with a range of top-20 pharma companies across a range of therapy areas including oncology, virology and hematology. He speaks fluent Chinese and has worked in Shanghai for over 6 years, where he is currently the Director (Asia) of Rude Health Consulting. Jake is an ISMPP Certified Medical Publication Professional (CMPP) and is co-chair of ISMPP's Asia-Pacific Education Taskforce.

Rebecca Crawford

Publications Lead, Asia-Pacific, Vaccines Office of Medical Governance and Bioethics

Type of Company:
Professional Degrees: PhD

Bio: Rebecca is the Publications Lead for GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Vaccines for the Intercontinental and Emerging Markets East regions (covering Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam). In this role she is responsible for overseeing the development and implementation of the data dissemination plan for the region and ensures that GSK operates within industry standards and within their own governance framework. Prior to taking the role at GSK she worked for the medical communications agency Nucleus Global for nearly ten years where she worked across a variety of therapy areas and project types. She holds a BSc (Hons) in Applied Biology from Newcastle University, UK and a PhD in Immunology from Imperial College London, UK.

Kazuhiro Hayashi

Senior Research Fellow

Bio: After developing a digital tracking system for a journal when he was a graduate student of the University of Tokyo, he has been in Scholarly publishing and communication since 1995, in a wide variety of roles. At Chemical Society of Japan (CSJ), he worked successively as an Editor, a Production Manager, an E-journal Manager, and a Promotion Manager. Covering a broad range of roles in publishing, he is focused on scholarly communication through E-journals, and he improved the way publishing is managed, including Open Access, through his skills involving information technology. With long experience and insights with birds'-eye-view in scholarly publishing, he has been involved in advocacy activities with various stakeholders such as Publishers (STM, ALPSP, Libraries (SPARC Japan), Administrators (MEXT), and Research Communities (Science Council of Japan, IUPAC) for better scholarly communication. He moved from CSJ to NISTEP in 2012 and his current focus is on policy implication of open science and open access, while developing a new way to foresight science and technology trends. He is an expert member of the working party on Open Science for G7 Science and Technology Ministry meeting, and the OECD/GSF project of Open Science as well as the Cabinet Office in Japan.

Blair Hesp

Managing Director
Kainic Medical Communications

Type of Company:
Communications Agency
Professional Degrees: CMPP, PhD
Other Degrees*: NZDipBus
CMPP Certified: 9/2014

Bio: Blair Hesp is Managing Director of Kainic Medical Communications, a boutique international agency previously named the most innovative company in marketing and communications in New Zealand. He has more than 10 years experience in medical communications and intellectual property law, working across the US, Europe and Asia-Pacific regions, and is the lead author of an upcoming peer-reviewed publication of the same title as his presentation.

Robert Matheis

President and CEO
CMPP Certified: (2/2009)

Bio: Dr. Matheis has a long tenure within scientific and medical communications and has been an integral part of ISMPP for more than a decade. He joined ISMPP in July of 2019 from his role as the Executive Director and Head of Global Scientific Communications at Celgene Corporation. Previously, he was Senior Director of Evidence Based Medical Communications at Sanofi. Rob began his ISMPP journey as inaugural Chair of the ISMPP Credentialing Board of Trustees, with oversight of examination development and establishment of credentialing criteria. He also served as the 7th President of the ISMPP Board of Trustees. During his tenure, Rob was an influential champion for transitioning ISMPP governance to a permanent board-appointed President and CEO. Most recently, Rob has been Chair of the ISMPP Global Transparency and Trends Committee and a Workstream Lead for the ISMPP Authorship Selection Best Practices Task Force. His professional interests include establishing the value proposition for medical affairs and enriching the role of medical publication professionals to include medical communication capabilities. Dr. Matheis is a licensed clinical psychologist with specializations in behavioral statistics, neuropsychology, and organizational psychology. He is well-published with an extensive bibliography covering brain and spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, and alternative medicine. Outside of work, Rob enjoys spending time with his family, staying active, and volunteering with various community organizations.

Rintaro Mori

Regional Adviser, Asia and the Pacific Regional Office
United Nations Population Fund

Bio: Professor Mori is Regional Advisor on Population Ageing and Sustainable Development at UNFPA Asia-Pacific Office. After paediatric training in Japan, he practiced in Australia, Nepal and the UK as a senior paediatrician and studied epidemiology/public health at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine before involved in guideline development for NICE, UK. He has also actively been involved in research/aid-works in Madagascar, Bangladesh and Mongolia, as well as research in health systems and womens and children's health at the both national and global level. He was appointed as Director of Department of Health Policy at the National Center for Child Health and Development and Professor in Health Policy for Families and Children at Kyoto University, where he pursed his research on the life-course approach to achieve sustainable social and health care systems in the context of population ageing since 2012, before taking up his current role in 2018. He is also the Editor of Cochrane Pregnancy and Childbirth and has authored over 200 scientific publications.

Kerisha Naidoo

Head of Medical Excellence & Operations, Medical
Biogen Japan

Bio: Kerisha Naidoo, B.Med, MPharm, MPS, MBA, is the Head of Medical Excellence & Operations at Biogen Japan, based in Tokyo. She has more than 20 years of experience in the clinical and pharmaceutical industries in Australia, New Zealand, US, UK and Asia Pacific, within the healthcare sector, NHS, pharmaceutical and biotech companies. She has held different positions across Medical Affairs, Pharmacovigilance and R&D. Data-generation and publications are one of the functions she leads in Biogen Japan.

Hiroki Sato

Assciate Director, Medical Affairs
Shionogi & Co.,Ltd.

Type of Company:
Professional Degrees: CMPP, PhD
CMPP Certified: (9/2018)

Bio: Hiroki Sato has been managed publications in Medical Affairs at Shionogi form 2015. Also, he has been involved other medical activities, such as database researches, prospective observational researches, and post-hoc pooled analyses of clinical trials in pain and palliative care area. He is an active member of ISMPP, and is a Certified Medical Publication Professional (CMPP). He has more than 25 years of experience in R&D at Shionogi, Bayer, Zeria and Chugai, mostly as a medicinal chemist of drug discovery programs. He earned his PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Hokkaido University.

Ashley Sheikh

Senior Consultant, Life Sciences
en world K.K.

Bio: Ashley is a Senior Consultant in en world K.K, one of the largest and most successful recruiting companies in Japan. He has been recruiting in the Life Sciences sector of Japan for 10+ years. Ashley is from Kentucky, USA and is fluent in Japanese.

Tomoyuki Suzuki

Publisher, Japan and Taiwan
Professional Degrees: MBA

Bio: Tomoyuki Suzuki, MBA, is Wileys Research Publisher for Japan and Taiwan. Tomoyuki's team publishes high-quality, peer-reviewed research journals from Japan and Taiwan, many of which are published in partnership with prestigious scholarly, medical and scientific Societies. With over 10 years' experience in the research publishing sector Tomoyuki has broad experience in sales, marketing, and publication of academic journals, monographs and clinical reference databases. Prior to joining Wiley, Tomoyuki worked as Senior Library Consultant for Oxford University Press, Japan; Library Sales Manager for Elsevier Japan; and Regional Sales Manager for EBSCO Publishing, Japan.

Aya Takemoto Tokaji

Managing Director
Havas Health and You

Type of Company:
Communications Agency
Professional Degrees: CMPP
CMPP Certified: (3/2012)

Bio: Aya has nearly 20-year experience in medical communications business, and responsible for comprehensive offers in medical communication activities. Known as a trusted partner for communication strategy development with scientific rationale. Communication strategy and planning are her forte. She is the first ISMPP Certified Medical Publication Professional (CMPP) in Japan, and steering committee member of the Good Publication Practice Guideline. She designed and lead numbers of publication and communication related workshops and courses at society meetings including the International Society for Medical Publication Professionals, Japan Medical Communicators Association, and Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Regulatory Science Society of Japan. Training courses include the educational courses for pharmaceutical companies internal trainings and presentations for company-sponsored educational events for physicians and researchers. Aya holds a BA in Biology from the University of California at Berkeley, where she conducted senior projects on the relationship of learning activities and brain cortical thickness of laboratory rat at Marian Diamond's Lab. She has another BA from the Department of Public Health at the University of Tokyo Medical School, where she received instructions and training in clinical study and reporting from Yasuo Ohashi, and wrote her senior thesis on beta-amyloid, an Alzheimer disease protein at Yasuo Ihara's Lab.

Karen Woolley

Global Lead, Patient Partnerships
Envision Pharma Group

Type of Company:
Communications Agency
Professional Degrees: CMPP, PhD
CMPP Certified: (3/2010)

Bio: Professor Karen Woolley is the Global Lead for Patient Partnerships at Envision Pharma Group. She has 30 years of experience in the healthcare sector, gained in academia, hospital, industry, and agency environments in North America and the Asia Pacific region. Karen has served on ISMPP's Board of Trustees, established and chaired ISMPP's Asia Pacific Advisory Committee, and co-authored the Good Publication Practice 3 guidelines and the Joint Position Statement on Professional Medical Writers. She is a Certified Medical Publication Professional, an Honorary Fellow of AMWA, a Life Member of ARCS, and initiated the Global Alliance of Publication Professionals. In 2000, Karen co-founded the Asia Pacific medical communication agency, ProScribe, which she sold in 2014 to a leading global agency, Envision Pharma Group. Karen is also a Professor at two universities and has been a government-appointed director overseeing 6 hospitals, serving on the Patient Safety and Quality Committee, and managing a $2B budget. She has led international teams to conduct and publish research on publication ethics and on patient involvement in evidence generation and communication.

Young Wu

Associate Director, Open Research and Editorial Development

Bio: Young Wu is currently Associate Director of Open Research and Editorial Development at Wiley, responsible for developing and shaping strategy on Open Research (open access, open data, open publishing practices etc.), journal editorial development and collaborations. Young has worked in academic publishing for over 8 years across different STMJ departments with various positions, including journal management, editorial development and engagement, content acquisition along with launching new journals etc. Additionally, she was involved in training initiatives abroad, such as Research without Borders program in Africa to support a biomedical journal etc.

Yujin Yamamoto

Patient/Patient Advocate
Patient/Patient Advocate

Bio: Yujin Yamamoto recently graduated with distinction from the University of Toronto with a double major degree in Chemistry and Economics. He is an international rare disease patient advocate, working particularly around Hereditary Angioedema (HAE), He recently gave the opening keynote speech for the global HAEi advocacy group conference in Vienna in front of 700 people. Additionally is a member of the Steering Committee for the NPO patient organization HAE Japan, and hopes to improve the treatment environment for rare disease patients in Japan.

Hisanori Yoshida

Publication Manager, CMC

Type of Company:
Communications Agency
Professional Degrees: MS
CMPP Certified: (9/2018)

Bio: Hisanori is currently responsible for all publication projects for pharmaceutical companies at McCann MDS CMC Japan. He is involved from the discussion of how the message should be developed from the data and post-acceptance activities of publications and he also covers medical affair support activities including the publication planning and medical strategy support. Evidence base communication and publication projects/planning he work on are supported by his thorough understanding of clinical trials and his scientific research experience. He became certified in 2018 by the International Society of Medical Publication Professionals. Before joining McCann, He has 7 year-experience in project management of medical and pharmaceutical documents at a communication and translation company. The type of document projects he was involved included peer review manuscripts, comprehensive medical manuals, guidelines, and regulatory writings including IB, Protocol, CSR, and CTDs. He also provided consultation to a R&D departments of pharmaceutical companies for documentation efficiency and engaged in scientific discussions, which was considered a specialized service to differentiate his company's service offer. The combination of project management skills and scientific research background is his forte. Hisanori has background in life science, marine biology, obtaining BA in Japan and MSc in Australia. Therapeutic area he has worked on included: oncology, immunology, neurology.