Thursday, October 21 ♦ 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM PST
Advanced Publication Planning


In this predominantly interactive workshop, faculty along with participants sharing techniques and strategies to develop and execute a comprehensive, credible, and ethical publication plan. Participants will learn new techniques for refining and documenting their plans and examine the challenges increasingly facing publication professionals. This workshop is intended for professionals with experience.

Learning Objectives:

  • Evolve the publications strategy beyond foundational data dissemination tactics and how to identify and leverage the information they need
  • Understand the range of considerations involved beyond a basic phase 3 publication plan
  • Know which questions to ask - and how to find the answers - to guide development of a more robust plan
UX Design for Scientific Posters


This workshop will focus specifically on scientific posters. As in-person scientific congresses are re-inventing themselves into virtual or hybrid experiences, researchers and publishers are adapting how they foster scientific exchange by using enhanced digital media fit for the digital age. One rapidly growing area is the use of enhanced digital content to make publications more visual, more engaging, and easier to digest. Already, many journals are including enhanced content developed by the journal or the authors, and these techniques are becoming increasingly common when building digital scientific posters.

Enhanced poster content such as graphical or video abstracts, audio, augmented reality, podcasts, journal-specific websites and microsites, and plain language summaries help HCPs to access and engage with the latest research. Underpinning all these design decisions is an understanding of the behavioral science that explains how users engage with content, especially time-poor users like HCPs. One key consideration is paying attention to shifts in how HCPs prefer to receive information, although this can vary greatly by audience. Such considerations allow for crafting and adapting the communication platform to the user, creating enough points of access that people can choose to receive and digest the information in a way that works for them.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand how enhanced poster content can increase reader engagement and facilitate data dissemination
  • Describe a variety of types of and uses for enhanced poster content
  • Understand the diversity of the HCP audience and the need for tailored poster content

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