Outreach Platform

This Platform is responsible for the overall communication of the Society’s core principles, mission, and objectives as well as the marketing, and public relations activities outside the membership.

Included is the Advocacy and Outreach Committeethe Social Media and Web-based Metrics Working Group and the MAP Working Group

Advocacy & Outreach Committee

This Committee endeavors to extend and execute ISMPP’s advocacy platform by improving external understanding of the value of medical publications and the role of medical publication professionals, responding to scrutiny and criticism of the industry, and educating, both externally and internally, on specific areas of misunderstanding related to best practices.

Remits for 2022-2023:

  • Identify specific organizations/groups for outreach based on ISMPP Board of Trustees-Approved Prioritization of Outreach Categories, focusing on the highest priority categories

  • Determine the outreach plan for each target organization/group

  • Implement an action plan for each target organization/group

  • Communicate Committee activities to society and other Committees via minutes/summary uploaded to the Committee Center, and input to programs for meetings, ISMPP U Webinars, the MAP, etc.

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Social Media & Web-Based Metrics Working Group

The role of social media and web­-based metrics in publication planning is new and ambiguous for most pharma/biotech companies. ISMPP Social Media and Web-based Metrics Working Group has been formed to develop and share best practices, and develop a common understanding of how digital platforms and data are best used in  effectively communicating outcomes of medical research to multiple stakeholders.

Remits for 2022-2023:

  • Educate ISMPP members about the use of digital platforms to discuss medical publications using survey data collected in late 2017 and recently in 2021

  • Define and differentiate “alternative or web-based metrics” from “social media”

  • Treat the challenges of “social media” as a medical information channel separately from the information that can be gleaned from these channels

  • Clarify the benefits and limitations of these data

  • Share best practices amongst similar organizations

  • Work on a common understanding of how these platforms and data are best used in publication planning, publication metrics, and scientific landscape analyses

  • Update ISMPP members about standardization efforts with organizations like National Information Standards Organization (NISO)

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The MAP Working Group

This Committee is charged with the development of programs to attract new members and to engage and maintain current ISMPP members through broad-based marketing and networking efforts designed to emphasize the benefits of a society membership. Through its targeted initiatives, this Committee will seek to achieve a balanced representation of professionals from the pharmaceutical, device, biotech, and publishing industries; medical communication companies; and research, regulatory, and educational groups.

Proposed Remits for 2022-2023:

  • Continued efforts to add new types of articles to the MAP newsletter working with ISMPP staff to publish regular updates

  • Develop articles to reach medical publications and communication professionals globally

  • Communication of Committee activities to society and other Committees via minutes/summary to be uploaded to the Committee Center

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