ISMPP CMPP™ Benefits & Testimonials

As a CMPP™ you will be recognized as both an expert in the profession and as a professional who embraces the highest ethical and professional standards.

 In addition you can:

  • Gain recognition as an expert in your profession

  • Enhance your value to your employer, colleagues, and clients

  • Increase opportunities for employment and/or promotions

  • Provide value-added benefit to potential business partners

  • Inspire confidence and demonstrate leadership among members of your professional community

Industry Value

The ISMPP Certified Medical Publication Professional™ (CMPP) credential confirms expertise as a medical publication professional, which includes proficiency in good publication practices (GPP), commitment to keeping abreast with evolving standards of ethical and transparent data dissemination, and leadership in upholding and fostering integrity and excellence in medical publications. 

For employers in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device sectors, supporting employees in attaining CMPP certification and seeking the CMPP credential in hiring offers tangible benefits:

  • CMPPs ensure interpretation of, and application and adherence to, GPP standards and guidelines.  
  • Employing CMPPs mitigates risk by providing objective, external validation of knowledge of professional standards in an environment where medical publishing is under persistent scrutiny.
  • CMPPs make informed decisions regarding publication planning and development.
  • The CMPP credential is a differentiator when evaluating job applicants and vendors with equivalent qualifications.
  • The rigorous recertification program ensures CMPPs have the requisite expertise to keep pace with evolving standards that impact medical publishing practice.
  • The CMPP designation drives publications based on commitment to ethical and transparent practices that ultimately protect the public and the profession.

Testimonials - Hear How the CMPP Credential Benefits Those Who Have It  

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