ISMPP Professional Excellence Awards

The awards program was established to honor the work and dedication of members who have a proven track record of excellence and achievement in the medical publications and communications profession. Award nominations are collected through peer submissions and reviewed by the Professional Excellence Awards Selection Committee. The awards are given out yearly at the ISMPP Annual Meeting.

Award Descriptions and Winners

The inaugural ISMPP Professional Excellence Awards Reception was held April 25, 2023 at the 19th Annual Meeting of ISMPP in Washington, DC. It is held every year during the annual meeting. 
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ISMPP Lifetime Achievement Award

The ISMPP Lifetime Achievement Award is the most prestigious award ISMPP can bestow on one of its members. It may be presented to a current member of ISMPP or emeritus member who has made notable and significant contributions with distinguished achievement to the Society, helping advance the medical publication and communication profession.

2023 - Yvonne Yarker

President's Award

The President's Award recognizes an ISMPP member who has distinguished themselves as “gamechangers” or “transformational” in their service to the Society. 

2023 - Dawn Lobban

Rising Star Award

The Rising Star Award may be presented to ISMPP members with no more than five years of experience in the profession who have demonstrated significant contributions to medical publication and communication. It is meant to recognize “future leaders” within the Society.  

2023 - Simon Stones

Outstanding Committee Member Award

The Outstanding Committee Member Award recognizes individuals who have served, or are serving, on an ISMPP Committee(s) and/or Task Force(s) and recognizes the outstanding efforts and work the individual has put forth.

2023 - Sonia Schweers

CMPP Award

The CMPP Award is designed to recognize a current ISMPP CMPP™ that best exemplifies the roles and responsibilities of a CMPP. The award encompasses the commitment to ethical and transparent data dissemination standards and leadership in upholding and fostering integrity and excellence in medical publications. 

2023 - Dana Fox