Welcome to the latest resource from ISMPP, the Authorship Algorithm Tool!

ISMPP is delighted to provide our members and their companies with a useful tool, which will help you better determine contributions to criterion 1 of the ICMJE Recommendations for Authorship. The Authorship Algorithm Tool provides a web-based mechanism for scoring and weighting author contributions using the sub-criteria below of ICMJE criterion 1:

  • Research idea
  • Protocol/methodology
  • Statistical analysis
  • Acquisition of data
  • Data analysis
  • Data interpretation

Please log in to the ISMPP Members' Only area for access to the tool. A Company Admin needs to be assigned first. The Company Admin should be an active ISMPP member (to become a member click here) and will be responsible for assigning Team Admins and Team Members and disseminating the link for Team Admins and Team Members to request access to the Tool. 

Please note: The Authorship Algorithm Tool has three assigned roles:

  • Company Admins* - in charge of overseeing and managing your company's contributions to the tool (including weighting), create/update teams, assigning Team Admins/Team Members, create projects. Each company should have only one company admin. You must be an active ISMPP member to be a company admin. To become a member click here
  • Team Admins - in charge of managing specific team projects and Team Members; also able to add projects, contributors and team weighting. There can be multiple team admins. Does not need to be an ISMPP member. 
  • Team Members - able to add projects and assign contributors, adding scores to contributors. There can be multiple team members. Does not need to be an ISMPP member. 

*Company Admins are in charge of assigning Team Admins and Team Members from their companies; please be sure to speak with your Company Admin before signing up as a Team Admin or Team Member.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is it possible to have a different “company admin” for each of our operating units? You may have multiple Team Admins - assigning one for each operating unit. 
  • Are team admins and team users able to see the projects of other teams? No, the design is structured so that information should not be available across other teams.


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Join the Special 90-min. Open ISMPP U webinar – Authorship Algorithm – on Wednesday, July 27, 2022, to learn more information about the Authorship Algorithm Tool. Attendees will also have an opportunity to ask questions!