Top Three Reasons to Join ISMPP

ISMPP benefits medical publications and medical communications professionals by providing YOU with:

  1. Unlock a Global Network: Join a vibrant community of 2,600 professionals in medical publications and medical communication worldwide.

  2.  Stay Ahead with Cutting-Edge Education: Elevate your expertise through exclusive access to industry-leading workshops, webinars and educational programs.

  3.  Accelerate Your Professional Growth: Propel your professional journey with CMPP certification and benefit from the many resources, best practices and guidelines only brought to you by ISMPP.

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Click here to join ISMPP now Full membership fees: *$235 a year. Associate membership fees: $105 a year. Experienced a recent job loss due to your company downsizing? Please email [email protected] to see how we can help. 

Who Joins ISMPP?

ISMPP has 2,500+ members representing all sectors of medical publishing:

  • pharmaceutical, biotech, and device industries,

  • medical publications and communications agencies

  • journal publishers and editors

  • professional medical writers

  • and other allied professionals and organizations

  • students

Considering a career change into the field? We have resources for you!

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We are truly international, with members from around the world. Our membership is our strength, and dedicated volunteers run our committees.

-ISMPP President and CEO Rob Matheis

Member Benefits:



  • ISMPP Connect - an interactive forum for industry discussions & sharing, making new contacts

  • Member Database and Member Center, with resources and archives available only to ISMPP members

  • Volunteer Committees, offer an opportunity to collaborate with your fellow peers

  • Partnerships: University of Florida Educational Partnership; ISMPP recently assumed leadership for MPIP (Medical Publishing Insights and Practices Initiative)


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Membership Types

Full Membership

ISMPP Full Members are entitled to a comprehensive array of benefits and resources and have voting rights. Additionally, you will be able to register for all ISMPP education functions, such as our Annual and European Meetings held each year.  We continue to develop new tools and resources to support you in your professional practices, as well as provide opportunities for you to get to know your fellow publication colleagues. 

ISMPP memberships are not transferable and in all cases owned by the individual member and not the organization.

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Associate Membership

ISMPP is committed to serving the educational needs of publication professionals no matter where they live. Although most ISMPP members live in North America and Europe, the number of members from the Asia-Pacific region and lower-income countries is increasing rapidly. Providing these new members with education on ethical and efficient publication practices is important and benefits all members by enhancing the international strength and integrity of our profession.

Only those who live in the Asia-Pacific region and/or a lower-income nation are eligible to join as an Associate Member.

Associate membership provides almost all of the existing ISMPP membership benefits, with the exception of being able to vote in any ISMPP membership or bylaw election, at a greatly reduced cost of $105 USD.

For more information about Associate Membership, view our Frequently Asked Questions.

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ISMPP memberships are not transferable and in all cases owned by the individual member and not the organization.

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Student Membership

ISMPP is committed to serving not only the educational needs of publication professionals, but of future medical publication professionals as well! We are so pleased to offer a student membership, which will provide prospective medical publication professionals with:

  • education on various policies and guidelines impacting the profession,

  • best practices for ethical and transparent publication of data,  

  • career pathways you may not have known existed

  • More specific details here

ISMPP Student membership provides you with the tools and resources you need to expand your expertise and start a career as a medical publication professional at a reduced rate of $95. 

ISMPP memberships are not transferable and in all cases owned by the individual member and not the organization.

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