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 Episode 1: Delivering Patient-Centric Publications

In this episode of InformED, guest host Adeline Rosenberg is joined by Trishna Bharadia and Gavin Jones, all current members of ISMPP's Patient Engagement Task Force. Adeline, Trishna, and Gavin discuss the importance of patient involvement in scientific publications and health information. Trishna shares her insights as a patient advocate and patient engagement consultant, while Gavin discusses his role as a patient-centricity leader at Open Health. Together, they explore ways to better incorporate the patient voice in the healthcare ecosystem and develop publications that are more patient-centric. Tune in to gain valuable insights on medical communications and patient engagement. To view transcript

Our guest host, Adeline Rosenberg is a patient advocate and senior medical writer in the patient engagement team at Oxford PharmaGenesis. Her guests include Trishna Bharadia, patient advocate and patient engagement consultant; and Gavin Jones, patient-centricity lead at Open Health.

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